Arneflex breathable polyurethane foam for insoles

Arneflex is a high-density open-cell polyurethane foam developed specifically for insoles.

Arneflex is the new high-density open-cell polyurethane foam with extraordinary breathability and absorption powers. It eliminates thermal sensitivity and has antibacterial components to help eliminate unwanted odours.

The foam manufacturing process and open-cell structure provide outstanding physical properties. In the foam industry, cell structure is a key factor for providing comfort. In terms of comfort, we are not only referring to flexibility, touch, and adaptability, but also thermal control and breathability.

Arneflex is ultra lightweight and offers optimum performance at low density with exceptional memory.

The high-density foam prevents fatigue as it provides greater shock absorption and better memory.

Arneflex is available in different densities from 80kg/m³ up to 200kg/m² and in various colours.

Arneflex foams are available in a wide range of colours and densities. We control the entire manufacturing process, which allows us to provide our customers with a customised and exclusive product, both in terms of format and colour.

What’s more, Arneplant works alongside various laboratories to guarantee technical features of the foams by performing tests on them to ensure maximum quality.

No CO2 is released during production, so the foams comply with all environmental regulations.

They also comply with the REACH.

Regulation 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

Arneflex is a high-density, fully-ventilated foam with excellent absorption and desorption properties, making it 100% breathable.


Arneflex, state-of-the-art foam that absorbs shocks and prevents fatigue.

With extra cushioning on the sole to improve health of your feet.

Benefits of Arneflex

Arneflex open-cell foam that keeps your feet ventilated and dry.

– Full ventilation as it’s 100% breathable, letting the air circulate.

– Keeps feet dry eliminating moisture through its absorption system.

– Eliminates odours, neutralising germs with an antibacterial treatment. 

– Prevents fatigue thanks to its shock absorption.

– Longer-lasting foam thanks to its memory.           

– Made in Spain.

Arneflex espuma de PU para plantillas en todas las densidades y grosores.

Innovating for a more comfortable walk

Arneflex footwear products are designed to provide optimal levels of comfort thanks to their absorption properties, which improve foot hygiene all day long.

Arneflex 100% breathable PU foam

Arneflex foam is an innovative product resulting from studies by our R&D department.

We have developed the highest quality, breathability and durability for our Arneflex flexible foams thanks to the latest 3TPH technology. We continuousely control entire manufacturing process.

This lets us tailor and develop a fully-customised product in terms of density and colour for our customers, as well as offering a wide range of colours.

At Arneplant we develop solutions for our customers.

Arneflex polyurethane foam for manufacture of insoles, available in all Pantone colours.

Arneplant didn't invent breathability, but it does reinvent it every day

Arneplant works alongside Europe’s leading laboratories and research centres and easily meets the requirements set forth in the Section 5.7 of the ISO 20345:2011 standards, in accordance with the test method ISO 20344:2011.

Arneplant complies with REACH guidelines;

Regulation 1907/2006 REACH concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.