It is not what we do, it is who we are

Arneplant, a family-run business founded in 1999 by the Ruiz brothers, has its headquarters in Arnedo, La Rioja (Spain)  A young company driven by an optimistic mindset and a clear goal: to become a benchmark in the production of BREATHABLE insoles, foams and microfibres.

Our values are service excellence, flexibility, creativity, technology and design.

We know that we have changed the concept of insoles and materials for footwear by creating exceptional breathable materials with excellent performance.

Our innovative spirit and our dedication to research and product development have made us market leaders in production of insoles, foams and microfibres. By fully controlling manufacturing process, we can provide our customers with customised and exclusive products for key sectors such as safety footwear, casual, sports, healthcare and orthopedics.

Our new facilities now cover over 20,000 square metres of workspace between offices and production lines for insoles, foams and microfibres.

Arneplant’s future vision led us to expansion of the company and equipping it with all the tools required to excel in areas of quality, service  and competitiveness.

To develop solutions for footwear interiors with our breathable insoles and materials that guarantee health-focused innovative and competitive improvements, produced by a highly committed and qualified team.

To be the benchmark partner for our customers by providing inspiration and innovation while maintaining our leadership in Europe as manufacturers of breathable insoles and materials.

Human values

Our family business is run with universal human values in mind while performing everyday activities by everyone who works at Arneplant. 

Honesty, respect, responsibility, loyalty are just some of our key values that allow us to work with integrity on a daily basis and make vital decisions for the company.


Excellence at Arneplant is an ever-changing dynamic built in our daily routine. It is not about being perfect, but about constant improvement every day.

Striving for excellence in everything we do calls for dedication and passion. This involves the drive and commitment to do our best and to ensure that our customers are always fully satisifed.


Innovation is the essence of Arneplant’s existence as a company that has created a new product for the market and developed in-house technology for its production.

We have always worked closely with our customers and stayed ahead of future market demands by developing new research-based solutions  into new materials,  design of new products and even new processes, technologies and working methods.

Customer focus

One of Arneplant’s goals is to work towards full customer satisfaction. In order to do so we build a relationship of trust and transparency, where privacy and approachability form part of our customer culture.

We are a team that is creative and innovative in all our projects, always keeping a positive attitude, aiming at satisfying the needs and priorities of our customers.









Working hard for something we love is called passion

Making sure that the people in our team excel in their jobs is highly satisfying for us. Together we can achieve anything!


Our in-house R&D department plays a key role in our company’s business, with its state-of-the-art analysis and research systems.

It is formed by a group of specialists whose sole aim is to provide premium-quality and innovative products.

So far, we have developed:
– Breathable insoles.
– Breathable foams.
– Breathable microfibres.
– New bactericides.
– New anti-odour treatments.
– Breathable and moisture-resistant union systems with water-based glues.
– Specific production equipment for the manufacture of insoles, foams and microfibres.

The Arneplant R&D department submits products to the most demanding tests and quality assurance systems. Arneplant produces foams, insoles and fibres always endorsed by Europe’s leading laboratories and research centres. It also complies with the most demanding standards and provides its customers with the very best products.

Our team

Manufacturing is not easy; every day we face new challenges and we have to make sure that we are prepared to overcome any difficulties and be resourceful under any unexpected circumstances.

Ongoing technological advances and changes put us to the test, and that’s why we need to be open-minded and non-stop learning. That makes us better and stronger day by day.

Arneplant’s team is an intangible asset that makes a huge contribution to everything we do. These are the people who work each day to ensure that our company stands out above the rest.

“Keeping customers satisfied is not good enough. We care to make sure they are 100% happy.”

Tom Peters


We would like to express our thanks to all the people in our Arneplant family. With their help and hard work, they make us a better company.

Thanks to each and every one of our staff members, who strive to make our company excel itself. Thanks to our suppliers, who help us with their good practice and collaboration. And thanks to our customers for choosing our company

Arneplant didn't invent breathability, but it does reinvent it every day