At Arneplant we develop and work with the most advanced technologies in order to optimise all our management and production processes.

The automation and application of the most cutting-edge methods and tools, together with a highly trained multi-skilled team, makes it possible to respond to changes in the market and satisfy our customers’ demands by guaranteeing the highest quality of all our products.

This dynamic continuity drives the progress and development of all our company’s processes.

Our unique production model provides total control of all the phases of the production process and facilitates the constant transfer of knowledge between our departments, all of which generates continuous innovation, one of our company’s fundamental values.

We establish and follow standard procedures for each of the activities we perform in the laboratory. This guarantees consistent results and minimises the margin of error.



We have infrastructures in place that include specific areas for the handling of samples and specialist equipment, which allow us to perform accurate and reliable analyses and tests, as well as trained personnel with technical knowledge and experience in our procedures.

A quality control that involves the implementation of measures and internal checks to guarantee the reliability of the results obtained with an efficient management of samples and data which includes documenting all information obtained from the samples analysed.

Regulatory compliance consisting of several key aspects to guarantee the efficiency, safety and quality of the processes and the results obtained. Our compliance with these aspects is what guarantees the services and results we provide.

We subject our products to the most demanding tests and quality controls to ensure compliance with international legal standards in collaborating laboratories.

We evaluate and test our products in conjunction with the most important laboratories and research centres in Europe.

Testing methods for foams

  • Hardness.
  • Lasting deformation.
  • Resistance to traction and stretching.
  • Fatigue compression.
  • Resilience.
  • Resistance to light.
  • Water absorption and removal.
  • Water vapour permeability.
  • Electrical resistance.
  • Dry and wet abrasion resistance (Martindale method).
  • Water absorption and removal.
  • Sweat resistance.
  • Rub resistance.
  • Colour fastness when washed.
  • Resistance to light.
  • Bonding of layers (fabric – foam).
  • Water vapour permeability.
  • Electrical resistance.
  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Colour fastness when washed at 40°C.
  • Colour fastness when subjected to light.
  • Colour fastness when subjected to alkaline sweat.
  • Colour fastness when subjected to rubbing.
  • Tear resistance.
  • Water vapour permeability.



It is important to bear in mind that certificates are valuable tools to support and communicate our company’s efforts.

They provide us with an external, independent validation, which recognises the effort and transparency that shows that our company complies with established environmental, social and ethical standards, providing our customers with credibility and trust.


Corporate Social Responsability

Arneplant has been audited by different Global companies with excellent results. In 2021 we also obtained the certification in Corporate Social Responsibility issued by SGS Certification that evaluates both Environmental Social Conditions and Good Governance.


ISO 9001

Defines the requirements for the implementation of a system within a quality management organisation to lead the company’s processes, improve its effectiveness and efficiency in creating its products and providing its services and also in obtaining and increasing customer satisfaction.


ISO 14001

Is the regulatory reference model for companies and organisations which are equipped with an Environmental Management System. The standard defines an “Environmental Management System” which is aimed at managing environmental aspects, complying with legislative obligations and addressing and evaluating risks and opportunities.


GRS - Global Recycled Standard

Is a voluntary, international, comprehensive product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.


OEKO-TEX - Standard 100

Is a certificate through which manufacturers of chemical or leather textile products can prove that their products are suitable for sustainable production and that they are ecologically safe for humans and environmentally friendly.



International certification which guarantees the proper use of products containing wood from forests with the most demanding environmental, social and economic standards.

Certificates are a form of recognition and transparency and show that the company is complying with the established ethical, social and environmental standards.



Our laboratory complies with all the standards and regulations which correspond to the sector.

This includes safety, environmental and quality standards and any other requirements.



The constant research and development of our products supported by solid technological innovation allows us to provide the most creative and efficient solutions to the possible problems that may arise, thus fulfilling one of Arneplant’s objectives: the continuous improvement of the design and functionality of our products and the creation of new articles.

Creativity to generate new ideas and a commitment to innovation combined with flexible planning of the production process turn concepts into transformative products that meet market requirements.

In order to achieve this, we establish the structure to be followed in the development of each product:

  • Identification of market requirements.
  • Unique value proposition.
  • Creativity and originality.
  • Quality and functionality.
  • Technical and economic viability.
  • Adaptability and evolution.

Our strategy, based on the promotion of industrial design, has led us to the development of machinery and tools, such as foam machines, moulds and cutting machines, among other things, all of which optimise and add value to our production processes, and bring the most innovative ideas and experiences to life.

Customised design

Ergonomic design


Own machining

3D design

When it comes to the development of a product, innovation implies a multidisciplinary approach, combining aspects of design, materials, technology, sustainability and customer satisfaction.