Arneflex is a high-density open-cell foam that increases breathability and absorption. At Arneplant we produce, transform and market high-density open-cell foams especially for footwear.

Having a fully independent manufacturing process, which incorporates the use of high-tech machinery, allows us to take on projects aimed at a wide range of footwear production (work, casual, sports, healthcare and orthopedic) where foam is a key element, and offer our customers stable, highly breathable, customised materials, with a wide variety of qualities, densities, measurements, hardnesses and colours, all with the utmost respect for the environment, optimising resources and minimising our environmental impact.



+ 10 Densities.



Variety of hardnesses.



We customise the foams according to your specifications of density and colour.



Arneflex is presented as a high density foam with total ventilation and high absorption and desorption capacity, obtaining a 100% breathable foam.

  • Total ventilation because it allows air to circulate as it is 100% breathable.
    Keeps feet dry because it eliminates moisture with an absorption system.
  • Eliminates odour because it neutralises germs with an antibacterial treatment.
  • Prevents fatigue due to its cushioning.
  • Foam that lasts longer thanks to its easy recovery.
  • Made in Spain.


Arneflex CUSHION is our most versatile foam. Perfect for thermoformed insoles.


Arneflex WALKER is a foam created for shoe brands that require a high performance solution.


Arneflex MOTION is our most elastic and structurally rigid foam.

AX Motion

Arneflex AX MOTION is a foam that provides excellent shock absorption and energy absorption.


Arneflex ACTION is our foam created to combine the best of comfort and lightness with extra firmness.

AX Action

Arneflex AX ACTION is a foam that combines comfort, lightness and firmness.


Arneflex JUMPER is our foam that stands out for its elasticity, rebound and firmness thanks to its density.

AX Jumper

Is a super elastic foam that satisfies the demand for comfort with its instant rebound.


Is our high performance foam that stands out for its rebound, perfect for use in flat insoles.


Is our high performance foam with greater rebound; perfect for use in flat insoles.

Memory slow

Is presented with completely innovative properties and with the intention of relieving the pressure on our joints when walking.

Memory soft

Is a high performance foam made up of millions of open cells that rearrange their position to absorb
impacts and dissipate them.


We control the entire development and manufacturing process of our foams. This gives us the opportunity to arrange and develop a fully customised product in colour.



Arneplant has a wide range of high density open cell PU foams developed specifically for the exclusive use of safety footwear insoles.

Our antistatic foams have been developed to meet all physical and mechanical requirements and to comply with all current regulations. Comfort, resistance and breathability for long working days.

Arneplant subjects the foams to different quality tests that guarantee all their technical qualities.

At Arneplant we develop solutions for safety footwear and achieve the best electrical resistance values for antistatic insoles.

We have our new antistatic foams that minimise electrical resistance, specially designed for the manufacture of ESD conductive insoles.


Arnetech ANTISTATIC is a material specially designed and developed by Arneplant in perfect harmony with the environment, used to manufacture the base of antistatic insoles, with excellent physical and mechanical qualities.

Arnetech soft

Arnetech ANTISTATIC SOFT is a breathable, very soft and antistatic foam, which is highly absorbent, with low electrical resistance values and high cushioning and resilience values.



In a world of constant change, our products evolve and our ecological commitment is evident in our product range.

At Arneplant we never stop innovating and developing new formulations that lead to high performance, comfortable and of course environmentally friendly products.


Arneflex PUZZLE foam is 86% recycled foam, the most recycled foam developed by Arneplant. Its formulation is based
on the total reuse of all waste produced by the manufacture of our foams.


Arneflex ECO is an open-cell polyurethane foam whose formulation combines bio-oil from the castor plant, foam waste and recycled rubber from shoe soles.


Arneflex GREEN is an open-cell polyurethane foam that combines recycled rubber from the footwear industry and castor bio-oil.


This new foam uses maize bio polyol as the basis of its formulation and maintains all the characteristics and benefits of all our open cell foams.



Our commitment to sustainability drives our constant development of new high-performance materials for comfort, with production based on the effective and efficient use of resources, using recycled or renewable materials to replace conventional raw materials.

Our eco-friendly foams are the result of new formulations created by our R&D&I department.

We contribute to sustainability with the use of recycled materials such as rubber, the reuse of waste from thermoformed foams and insoles and the incorporation of components such as bio castor.

Anti-static recycled foam

At Arneplant we recycle our foam waste into a component of our new environmentally friendly foams. By incorporating recycled foam we provide extra ecological value while maintaining the properties of our foams.

Recycled foam

At Arneplant we recycle our foam waste to turn it into a component of our new eco-friendly foams. By incorporating recycled foam, we provide additional ecological value, while maintaining the properties of our foams.

Recycled PU powder

One of the recycled components of our new foams is recycled polyurethane. We use our foams and turn them into powder. The colour of the foams is the result of mixing foam powders of different colours. The use of these foams closes our product’s cycle.

Recycled rubber

One of the recycled components of our new foams is rubber. We use rubber from the footwear industry. The colour of the foams that include rubber in their formulation is peculiar in that there are visible black specks in the material.

Bio castor oil

Among our new formulations we include organic castor vegetable oil. The plant it is derived from requires minimum resources to grow and is not for human consumption. By using it in our formulations, we reduce our consumption of synthetic organic compounds, which is an excellent way of promoting sustainability.

Corn-derived polyol

The use of renewable raw materials has become an essential part of our sustainability line. This new foam uses corn-derived bio polyol as the basis of its formulation and maintains all the characteristics and benefits of all our open cell foams.