We produce removable insoles for all types of footwear using the latest technical materials on the market in compliance with the highest standards of breathability, cushioning and comfort.

We offer our customers exclusive solutions that provide excellent health and comfort for our feet. For over two decades we have been frontrunners in the development and production of 100% breathable insoles, offering the best solutions for footwear linings, both nationally and internationally, and manufacturing insoles for customers in more than 50 countries.

The technological development applied to the production and use of our own materials, which are 100% breathable, flexible and lightweight, provides optimum support and keeps feet fresh and dry.

Arneplant insoles keep feet healthy, provide comfort and improve the quality of footwear.



Their ergonomic design provides a high level of comfort and a pleasant feeling when walking, by cushioning the pressure of continuous heel strike.

Arneplant produces insoles for all the different footwear sectors (casual, trekking, work, orthopedic, sports and children’s) positioning itself as a leading European insole manufacturer.

The ergonomic design of our insoles guarantees highly desirable comfort, minimises effort and stress on the sole, both while walking and at rest, and absorbs impact pressure while walking.




Union System



Fast dry



Shock absorbable

Open cell



At Arneplant we develop solutions for casual footwear and every day we work in close collaboration with our customers in order to offer them the best breathable and most comfortable solution on the market.

Arneplant insoles for casual footwear guarantee comfort in all types of shoes. Our added value is the breathability of our insoles, manufactured with the best materials and manufacturing systems that ensure their absorption and repellent capacity, thus keeping the foot ventilated, dry and odourless.


Fully breathable.


Great absorption power.


Minimizes effort when walking.

Shock absorption

Protects joints.


We have our new antistatic foams that minimise electrical resistance, and conductive fabrics specially designed for the manufacture of ESD conductive insoles.

All materials and procedures used are assessed and guaranteed by Arneplant after a long period of research and testing in our laboratories. This has led to the successful introduction of these materials, which provide outstanding breathability and a guaranteed anti-static system.

With our own research team and in collaboration with other internationally recognised laboratories, we carry out continuous research into the behaviour of materials and systems in order to achieve innovative and effective insoles. Our wide variety of customisation techniques, together with high quality and stable materials, make all the difference.


Fully breathable.


100% antiestatic.

Active carbon

Active carbon.

Shock absorption

Protects joints.


Our insoles can improve the absorption of impact forces by up to 12.3% compared to a conventional insole.

Arneplant insoles combine different layers of our Arneflex foams, in different thicknesses and densities. A carefully studied proportion between the two ensures that the insole has a perfect footprint, providing a pleasant sensation when walking and avoiding the consequences of continuous impact on the joints.

Its ergonomic design provides a high level of comfort, minimises effort and tension in the plantar support, both when walking and when stationary, and cushions the pressure of impact when walking.


Fully breathable.


You won't even notice you're wearing them.


They adapt to any movement.

Shock absorption

Protects joints.


Trekking requires robust, comfortable and appropriate footwear for the different terrains and climates that we can find on a route. Insoles are a fundamental element in this type of footwear. A quality insole provides the necessary comfort, breathability, support and cushioning.

The size of the boot or shoe, the use of a suitable sock and even the way of tying the laces are determining factors in preserving the health of our feet. Likewise, the choice of a good insole provides the structural support and stability that ensures its integration into the footprint.

Continuous research and development of high quality, high performance products guarantees you the best design and performance on the market.


Fully breathable.


Maintain temperature.

Fast dry

High drying capacity.

Shock absorption

Protects joints.



Arneplant has a collection of thermal materials specially designed to offer the best technical performance in different environments.

Our thermal materials are characterised by their warmth, insulation, comfort and breathability.


Wool is one of the best options for cold weather, it regulates body heat and allows the skin to breathe.

At Arneplant we use wool of national origin certified with the OEKO-TEX and MULESING FREE labels that guarantee its origin from animals raised with high welfare standards.

logo mulesing free wool


PICOS is a lightweight, mouldable polyester felt, which provides excellent protection against the weather and ensures maximum breathability and warmth inside the shoe.

Our polyester felt can be manufactured with PET yarn.

Arneplant uses PET fabric from Global Recycled Standard certified suppliers.

logo global recycled standard


The breathability property of the ARNEFLEX foam, together with the reflective effect of the aluminium, achieves an isothermal effect inside the shoe, which helps to conserve the heat produced by our own body as well as insulating from the cold outside.

It is a perfect material that provides extra comfort to outdoor footwear users in extreme weather conditions.


CORKLITE insoles achieve a breakthrough in the manufacture of technical insoles for outdoor footwear, achieving new and very high levels of insulation.

Our CORKLITE insoles combine our ARNEFLEX foams with a cork layer.

Cork stands out for:

  • 100% natural, recyclable and renewable. It is a material of vegetable origin that can be extracted without harming the tree and regenerates over the years.
  • Low density and lightness.
  • Low heat transmission and good thermal insulation.
  • Compressibility, elasticity and flexibility.



The art of customisation is the practice of adapting or modifying something in accordance with a customer’s tastes, preferences or needs.

The art of customisation implies the ability to transform something common into something unique and special, adding a personal touch that reflects individual identity and taste. It is a form of creative expression and a way to stand out in an increasingly standardised world.

We offer all the techniques necessary for any type of customisation:

  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • Transfer
  • Pad Printing
  • Engraving
  • Perforation
  • Micronotching
  • Laser
  • Embroidery

Customer advice

Customised design

Water-based inks

Flexible industrial process


The art of customisation is the magic of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.