Arneplant, Spanish company that manufactures breathable insoles for footwear

Arneplant is the leading European manufacturer of 100% breathable insoles.

Thanks to a first-rate manufacturing process, Arneplant insoles deliver comfort, breathability and long-lasting shock absorption. They guarantee comfortable and healthy feet thanks to the combination of breathable materials and the very latest technologies applied during the process.

Their design guarantees highly desirable comfort, minimises effort and stress on the sole, both while walking and at rest, and absorbs impact pressure while walking.

With our in-house research team and in partnership with other internationally renowned laboratories, we are constantly carrying out research into the behaviour of materials, durability and systems to produce innovative and efficient insoles. Our host of customisation techniques, stable materials and high quality products make us stand out above the rest.

As we have a completely independent production line, Arneplant is more competitive, which is why we are the European benchmark in the manufacture of 100% breathable insoles.

“The insole walks with you; remember that"

Ana Paz Campo

Arneplant helps enhance comfort and performance of your shoes. The insole guarantees such great comfort, minimises effort and stress on the sole, absorbs impact pressure while walking and - with its breathability technology - keeps your feet ventilated, therefore dry, fresh and odour-free.

Benefits of Arneplant insoles

All Arneplant insoles are:

– Breathable because they let the air circulate and keep your feet fresh. Absorbent as they eliminate moisture to keep your feet dry.

– Antibacterial to neutralise germs and remove odour. What’s more, they feature:

– Shock absorption systems that guarantee comfort to prevent fatigue.

– Memory systems to ensure a longer life and prevent roughness on your feet.

– Made in Spain.

Arneplant insoles feature Ergoconfort technology that gives them shock absorbing properties on pressure points and guarantees stability both when walking and standing.

This system places the foot load on the heel area, allows the sole to rest and leverages the impulse from the toes.

SHOCK- Absorción de impactos


Impact absorption.

Insoles with shock absorption
RELAX- Relaxation for the soles


Relaxation for the soles.

Arneplant insoles provide comfort
SHOCK- Impact absorption


Impulse from the toes.

Insoles with impulse in the tread

Innovating for a more comfortable walk

At Arneplant we care about the comfort and health of your feet, which is why we firmly believe in the design and production of insoles to enhance the quality of footwear.

Arneplant insoles look after your joints

Arneplant insoles combine various levels of Arneflex foam with different thicknesses and densities.

A well thought-out proportion of the levels means that the insole has an exceptional performance against impacts that delivers a pleasant feeling when walking and removes stress of impact on your joints.

Their ergonomic design guarantees pleasing comfort, minimises effort and stress on the sole, both while walking and at rest, and absorbs impact pressure when walking.

Fully customised insoles

Arneplant offers its customers an end-to-end design service. A group of specialists will advise you to make sure that the product fits in with your needs, while using the lastest and most cutting-edge manufacturing and customisation techniques.

100% breathable and 100% customised insoles.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”

Steve Jobs

Arneplant insoles ensure comfort and breathability for your feet.

Casual insoles

Arneplant’s insoles for casual footwear make all types of shoes more comfortable. Our added value is the breathability of our insoles, made from the very best materials and production systems that guarantee their shock absorbing and desorbing properties while keeping the foot ventilated.

Arneplant manufactures insoles that provide comfort

Sport insoles

We manufacture sports insoles with high-density foam with amazing shock absorbing properties which, besides the quick bounce-back of the material, means that the insoles keep their original shape after intensive use. The biomechanical design of our sports insoles guarantees perfect integration of the insole when walking

Arneplant insoles with Arneflex foam look after your joints thanks to studies on material densities
Arneplant sport insoles
Arneplant safety footwear insoles

Safety insoles

At Arneplant we develop solutions for safety footwear. Arneplant achieves maximum electrical resistance values in its anti-static insoles made from Arnetech, recycled polyurethane material foam with active carbon specially developed for production of anti-static insoles.

Arneplant, manifacturer of anti-static insoles for safety footwear

Arneplant didn't invent breathability, but it does reinvent it every day

Arneplant works alongside Europe’s leading laboratories and research centres and easily meets the requirements set forth in the Section 5.7 of the ISO 20345:2011 standards, in accordance with the test method ISO 20344:2011.

Arneplant complies with REACH guidelines;

Regulation 1907/2006 REACH concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.